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How can we help you grow?

We support our clients wherever they are in their journey to becoming data driven. We uncover your growth opportunities and show you how our data
analytics consulting experience can help you take advantage of them in a practical and repeatable manner. Using our analytics services and development
skills, our analytics consulting team then collaborates with you to build and test solutions. While every client’s circumstances are different depending on their data journey, we have a tried and tested end-to-end approach for our analytics services and solution development. To know more, please visit About us.

Our Services 

1. Performance Analysis Report (weekly).
2. Recommendation Report (weekly).
3. Technical Insights (monthly).
4. Dedicated Relationship Manager.
5. Monthly Newsletter.


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Investors’ Insights

The UK gambling market is worth about £14.3 billion per year. Around 47% of population engaged in some sort of gambling. Majority players are between age 25 and 34. There are around 24 million adult gamblers in the UK, that’s nearly half of the adult population. There are around 10.5 million UK adults who bet online. Individuals between the age of 35 and 54 years contribute to 22% of monthly online gambling.
NGSAA looks to connect with 1000 players in its first target by 2022 with expected revenue 500K GBP. Our Golden principle is Customer happiness and Customer satisfaction. To meet this milestone, we are open for partnerships and investments from interested parties. Feel free to Contact us.






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Office working hours - Monday - Saturday (9 AM - 6 PM British Standard Time)


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