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About us

NGSAA is working with a vision of enhancing the profitability of professional bettors in casinos, online gaming, sports and crypto trading. The company applies Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to the database of players to visualize the pattern of outcomes and advocates the customers to smartly invest and adhere to options that is more favorable to maximize the returns. NGSAA connects with Data Experts to work out the reliable attributes that if successfully interpreted, could definitely predict the behavior of players with winning the game. Moreover, when the global data is merged to a particular
gaming, the forecasting will be more inclined to the greater possibility of knowing the happenings. Last but not the least, it is likely to be noted that the attributes shall in no way infringe or promote unfair gaming tactics. The purpose is to enhance seamless betting experience with minimal associated risks and greater financial freedom. We are a globally aligned, B2C strategic firm, yet locally focused, in delivering advanced data solutions. We use simple segmentation to complicated machine learning methods to uncover patterns in your data. We transform these patterns into financial returns, improved customer experience, and engagement.


Our Golden Principle: Customer happiness and Customer satisfaction.

Leadership team:
Dr. Saleema Panda is the founder and responsible for the operations, partnerships and clients support.
Dr. Amiya Ranjan Pandit is the co-founder and responsible for developing and delivering data strategies.
Our core group involves a team of Data Analyst with expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Big Data, Statistics and Analytics.

Ph.D, NIT(R) & Post doc, NUS
Ex-Christ University

Ph.D, NIT(R) 
Ex-DVR & Dr. HS MIC College of Technology



We respect our Investors and value our stake holders. #Secret of Success 

--Dr. Amiya Ranjan Pandit (COO)

We are here with the knowledge, guidance and resources #Aspiring leadership and robust growth

-- Dr. Saleema Panda (CEO)


Working with data has many ethical and business obligations. Our firm principles and ethics declarations are important to how we collaborate internally and with our clients.

Data protection and Privacy:

We will only receive and store data from our clients with their explicit and written permission and only through approved, secure data transfer and storage methods.

We will always work within the strictest guidelines of GDPR and Competition policies designed to protect the personal and commercial interests of individuals and organizations.
Where possible we design our solutions such that they do not require personally identifiable data to be transferred to our systems, mitigating the risk of data loss for our clients and ourselves.

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Office 4219 Kensington High Street

Kensington, London, W8 6BD

United Kingdom

Telephone No. +44 (0) 7341018092, +91 (0) 7304757964

Email Id-

Office working hours - Monday - Saturday (9 AM - 6 PM British Standard Time)


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