Investors Attention - Expected Fund raise and Exit Strategy

  • Funds Required: US$ 2 Millions  

  • Funds can be invested in return of 20% equity stakes. Investors can exit through Buyback
    model or share transfer to other potential Investors at particular valuation.

  • Funds can also be invested as a convertible note i.e. loan for a duration of 5 years at 2 % interest rate per annum on the capital (paid annually) and after completion of 5 years, the outstanding balance of the loan is automatically converted to equity at particular valuation with a buy back option.

Why we require FUNDING?

"The value of an idea lies in the using of it."--Thomas Edison, co-founder of General Electric


We are in really need of the FUNDING because we require:

  1. Working Capital for Smooth functioning of the company

  2. Validate our Business Model and make it reliable in the competitive market

  3. Strengthen our business segment and a boost to our Start up ideas

  4. DIPP Recognition has added feathers to our brand values and recognition as a growing venture. Support from the Investors will further push forward our ideas to new heights.

  5. A strong feel of Security and confidence to reach the ultimate goal.