#NGSAA CONSTRUCTION Startup Journey #Awarded significant contracts for its various businesses!!!

From carving a niche in the construction industry to securing an order of $2 Million within one and a half years of Business incorporation, #NGSAA leaves no stones unturned amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to the continuous support of team members.

#NGSAA Startup Journey #It's all about Patience!

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#NGSAA Construction Private Limited is an unlisted private company incorporated on 12 February 2019. The registered office of the company is at Dhenkanal in Odisha, India. The company is involved in Real Estate, Builders & Developers, and Engineering Consultant. The company is co-founded by Mr. Abhijeet Panda, Mr. Avinash Panda & Mr. Sharthak Das who are presently serving as the directors of NGSAA Construction Private Limited. Miss Binamrata Mishra, Dr. Saleema Panda, and Dr. Amiya Ranjan Pandit have also joined the team since incorporation.

#NGSAA Unique Initiatives

  1. NGSAA Advanced Project Management Technology (SAAS) for Construction Projects

  2. NGSAA Advanced Referral Marketing Technology (SAAS) for Real Estate Projects

  3. NGSAA E-Learning & Civil Engineering Library

  4. NGSAA Affordable Housing

  5. NGSAA Construction

  6. NGSAA Engineering Consultant

#NGSAA is a unique construction start-up based in Odisha, driven by a team of 6 young entrepreneurs, which has achieved excellent growth in only 1.6 years of establishment. It was not an overnight success. We remember, #NGSAA failed to grab the attention of Private Equity Firms, Angel Investors, and Financial Institutions and faced setbacks towards the ambitious plan of the founding members. Banks did not agree to provide unsecured loans/consider enrollment under any MSME schemes being a newly registered firm.

However, with an initial paid-up capital of five Lakhs and further investment of 10 lakhs, the company was able to meet the expenses for the first fiscal year.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic and unavoidable business disruption with a fall in a net worth of capital, the company management chooses to cut off the expenses and sustain the business for a minimum of 5 years whatsoever.

After all, #NGSAA has won a contract of $2 Million from a key private organization in India to design and supervise the construction of multiple numbers of FMCG Warehouses on a pan India basis. And they have proven that focusing on creating a valuable start-up is worth than the origin of the company and entrepreneurs.

#NGSAA management has planned to file IPO by 2024. Before that management is in discussion with active private equity firms in India and Abroad to fund #NGSAA and be part of the journey. We are confident to achieve our mission and vision in the upcoming years.

Thanks All for your esteem support!!!

Abhijeet Panda

Managing Director

#NGSAA #It's all about Patience!





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