Post COVID-19 career

Only one good thing that happened due to #COVID-19 is nature healed a little and gave the opportunity to spend time with our families. What the Government could not do for many years to decrease the air pollution, COVID did in less than two months. There is almost a 49% decrease in air pollution in Delhi itself.

It has also affected our daily lives. Due to COVID-19, many are losing jobs. Students are also not clear about their exams and campus recruitment. When the COVID phase will end, again job demand will come. But yes, the competition will be more as more people will be there.

We have to be positive and accept the other side of life too. Many are trying to open their own you-tube channels, online web courses, etc. We are able to explore our other capabilities too. Government jobs, PSUs all will again come, it’s just postponed due to COVID. Till that, let us give time to ourselves to increase our knowledge and expertise so that we can compete and find #success #postCOVID.


Dr. Saleema Panda,

Ph.D. in Structural Engineering.