#Professionally Built Design Sheets to cater for Real life Construction Projects

Civil Engineering Consultancy is getting a forward thrust due to rising demands in infrastructure services. With a booming economy driven by the amalgamation of latest technology and techniques, consultants are making use of the best minds and experts in the market with sophisticated softwares to deliver the best to construction giants.

Here in #NGSAA, we have attached a few design sheets which will help our engineers to cross check the software results with the help of manual calculations and prove the authenticity of their designs.

* Design of singly and doubly reinforced beam with/without torsion

* Crack width check

* Design for sleeves in the web of beam

* Design of cantilever slab

* Design of one way/two way slab

* Design of slab with vehicular point load

* Isolated Footing 

* Combined Footing

* Design of column

* Design of dowel and tie bar

**The design sheets will be sent to your email id after confirmation of the subscription amount of 499/- INR. Pls click on the below link for successful subscription.

Keep in touch till our further update on other sheets,

Thanks All

Avinash Panda, CEO


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