Why Civil Engineers are not well paid as compared to Engineers working at other fields in India?

#Huge mismatch in Salary Vs Experience. We on behalf of #NGSAA have successfully completed 3 days of polling activity on above topic through #Linkedin. Total #386 professionals participated in this career survey related to Construction field. Further we have received #additional comments and valuable opinions from our experts cum professionals. Relevant comments can be checked out in our original post. The link to the original post is attached here

Results of the Poll

Option 1: UnderBidding of the projects - 19% votes

Option 2: Actual Professional Skill Gap - 19% votes

#Option 3: Taking benefit of Unemployment - 48% votes

Option 4: Maximize profit of the company - 15% votes

Thanks All!!! for participating and exposing the reality of #Indian Construction Industry. This poll result will reach #high level decision makers very soon. We expect unique initiatives from concerned authorities in near future. No doubt we can find possible solutions to this #growing concern.


Good Luck!!!

Abhijeet Panda, MD, #NGSAA

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