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10k+ Monthly visitors

2+ Retail Stores

30% Online Orders

10+ E-Franchise

70% Store Orders

Pan India Deliveries

NGSAA Fashion E-Franchise

Invest in E-Franchise in just 3 steps : 

1. Pay one time fee of 1 Lakh rupees (valid for lifetime*)

2. Get your unique ID and coupon code

3. Lock your favorite 50 sarees for free using the coupon code (valid for lifetime*) and we will start selling them !

How you earn by partnering with us ?

1. Weekly Payout - Get 20% profit on sale price when your sarees get sold out successfully

Benefits :

1.  No Additional Investments

2. Capital Rotation (Able to lock new saree for each sold out one)

3. Capital not at risks

4. Your investment goes to inventories 

5. No worry of tax, we pay tax completely on the sale price

6. No set up cost, marketing or fulfilment charges

7. 24*7 Customer Support

8. Transparency in real-time reporting of sales

9. Secure storage of the inventories and 100% Quality Assurance

10. ROI up to 30%

11. Increase your saree inventories through additional credits

12. Competitive edge due to both online and offline sales 

* Franchise fee is Non- Refundable. Feel free to contact us for any query prior to making the payment. NGSAA does not commit any financial benefit and figures are part of forward statements.

Note 1 : Franchise fee has been quoted based on current valuation. The offer price may change anytime based on demand and business performance. Register today using Pay Now button !


Note 2 : NGSAA can exit the contract via payment of differential amount to franchisee investment and returns in case of any restructure or conflicts of interest.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Call or WhatsApp us at +91 7304757964 / +44 7341018092 for any support. 

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